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So, if you know anything about me, then you know I LOVE GUITAR EFFECTS PEDALS!!! I get teased all the time for my current pedal board set up! 
Pedal Board      










But believe it or not, I actually make good use of all of these. Some consider it too  much, but I believe it’s a matter of preference. So, I love my set-up and that’s what  matters! 

    Anyhow, on to why I’m writing this post. Sometimes, I’ll get on a You tube tanget  and check out pedal reviews and stuff, and while on one of those famous adventures, I  came across the HOLY GRAIL of pedal reviews. So here it is, to all you pedal collectors,  eat your hearts out! Check out the collector of all collector’s video on you tube. It’s in  two parts.

Video ONE:

Video Two:

I had some footage from Clark’s Event back on May 1st, so I just put together a little video. Enjoy. Clark, we miss you brother!

If your reading this blog, please allow me so say THANK YOU! I mean that. It’s my prayer and hope that by reading these two blogs on “WORSHIP”, as a result you are encouraged and challenged in your understanding of God.

Some of you may have attended this past weeks service at Connection. It was directly related to this blog and “Worship”. And hopefully that as well has helped you grow in your faith. 

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A few years back, a great friend of mine recommended a book titled :“The Unquenchable Worshipper: Coming Back to the Heart of Worship”, written by author and song writter; Matt Redman.

This book totally changed my perspective on Worship  and it opened my eyes to a new way of life.

Click HERE to preview a sample of the book.

So, if your interested in digging deeper into this subject, I would like to give you a chance to receive a FREE copy of this book!

How to win the free copy?

It’s easy! Shoot me an email at josh@connectionchurch.cc ; and in the subject line put “AM I THE WINNER?”

The 7th person to do this will receive a free, brand new copy of this book. If your the 7th person to email me you’ll receive a response email from me, requesting your preferred shipping address. It’s that easy!


Worship is what we were all created to do, and when we can grasp that, it changes our lives.

“HE must increase, I must decrease”

John 3:30

What in the world does it mean when someone says the word “Worship“?

If you were asked to give a descriptive definition of what exactly “worship” is, what would you say? Would you be able to give an answer? I wonder if there was a survey or poll taken at your local grocery store, and every person was asked the same question, “Do you know what the word worship means, YES or NO”, I wonder what the average answer would be? And let’s say the average person did have a basic definition, do you think it would have anything to do with GOD?

Now let’s imagine that you took that same survey and poll with the same question, and instead of taking it to your local grocery store, you instead took it to the closet church on the street corner or near your neighborhood, etc. I wonder how the results would differ? Do you think the answers given between the two locations would be similar? 

The fact is, whether you’re a christian, non christian, muslim, catholic, baptist, atheist, whatever, you name it, the fact is EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT HAS EVER LIVED OR WILL LIVE ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET WORSHIPS SOMETHING.

You see, the question is NOT whether or not you worship, the true question IS in fact, WHAT do you worship? It’s not “IF “, rather it’s “WHAT”?

Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you. Show me your last bank statement, and I’ll show you “WHAT” you worship. You tell me what got the most of your time,attention, adoration, and affection in the last week, or even TODAY, and I’ll tell you “WHAT” you worship. 

Now, I’m not simply saying you worship whatever you spend the most time or money on, but here’s what I am saying:

You and I were built, we were created, and designed to WORSHIP. We were intentionally built with this THING inside of us, this URGE, to pour all of our attention, all of our time, all of our energy, into what we love.

That can be many different things, or even a combination of things for each of us. For some it’s our relationships, for some it’s our kids, for other’s it their jobs, hobby’s, sports, addictions, family, spouses, cars, reality TV, shopping, spending,education, exercising, eating, SOCIAL NETWORKING (FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, TWITTER, etc). The list goes on, on, and on, and it nevers stops, and it nevers ends for no other reason than the fact that “Worship is a Lifestyle“.


There’s this really great quote, it says “For were your heart is, there you’re treasure will be also”.  WOW. That is so simple yet I find that to be so true. That actually came from God’s word? From Luke ch 12: vs 34.

God understands “Worship” better than you and I will ever will. It is so, because He created it, and created US- for- it. 

Here’s an analogy for you!

(I’m a music guy so for me this totally makes since, but I hope it does for you as well.)

So do me a favor, and think of your favorite song. Got it? Now if it’s your favorite, than that should mean that you know exactly how that song should go, you know exactly how it should sound, right? If not, think of another, because that last one is not your favorite! I’m talking about one you’ve listened to over and over and over in your car, the one that strangers at the stop light have secretly seen you singing your heart out to, with the music blasting, rattling your little factory speakers  and windows. Yeah, that’s the song!

Well, “Worship” is a lot like a “Song”

And God wrote this “song” along time ago. And when He recorded it, it sounded PERFECT. It was the perfect mix of vocals and instruments, the volume was just right, the lyrics were flawless, everything about this “song”was PERFECT! And this perfect song, written by GOD (the song writer of all song writers), has been around since the very beginning of time, this song has been sung all over the world, across the globe, this song has been sung in every language, and whenever anyone would hear” this song, it would completely captivate their hearts. When God wrote this song, He intentionally wrote the song to sound a certain way. And only He could make the song sound the way it was supposed to.

Just like I stated earlier, EVERYONE worships something, but sometimes that “something” can have NOTHING to do with GOD.

“How can that be” you ask, “If God created worship and created it for Himself, how can people worship if it’s not toward and for Him?”. Well that’s a great question. People can worship and at the same time be totally separated from the Love of GOD, the same way that a cover band can take your favorite song and completely change it and make it their own. Have you ever experience or witnessed that? Sometimes it can be a very disappointing, because here’s this song you have come to know and love, originally written and designed to sound a certain way, and some pop group comes along and adds all their own taste to it and sometimes it end’s ruining what once was originally a great song.

So yes, people can worship, and be totally separated from God, but usually those people have no idea that their actually “worshipping” anyhow. Have you ever had a friend that was a “work-a-holic“. Do they consider themselves a “work-a-holic“? Of course not! Ever met someone with an addiction, and tried to confront them? Do they think they have a problem? The answer is NO!

Remember, “Worship”, is whatever we give the most of our time, energy, affection, and attention to. And sometimes that can be a number of ever changing  things in people’s lives.

“What about the people, who are not “christians”, but they spend all of their time, energy, and money giving to the community or to a good cause? Just because they’re not doing something as an act of worship toward God, does that mean that their act of Worship is Wrong?” 

Another great question! Answer is two fold. Yes, because worship is for God, and NO, because they’re more likely completely unaware that they’re even doing something called “Worship”. For example: Have you ever met someone who was tone deaf? I’m talking about someone who was COMPLETELY unaware that they could not sing on pitch or in-tune? I have, and it’s mind blowing. But you know, sometimes we as people can be capable of doing something that we have no clue that we’re even doing. So for that person, who spends all of their time giving to the community, it’s not that they’re act of worship is bad, or in vein, it’s more as if they’re singing GOD’s song, but they’re singing it just slightly out of tune or off pitch, but because they’re tone deaf, they can’t understand that they’re not hitting the mark, (musically speaking, “they can’t quite find they “sweet spot”). Therefore a person who has never come to know Christ, they cannot know and understand they’re worshipping, and until they do come to know him, they’ll never be able to comprehend that He created them to be them with those characteristics, and that HE inspired them to give their lives in such a way.

Then there’s those who can know a piece of music or a song, who can be an expert’s on all the terminology, they’re able to tell you all the “in’s and out’s”, can perform it with their eyes closed, they’ve memorized all the lyrics, and there’s nothing that they feel that can further be taught to them about this song. It’s as if they’ve become so familiar with the song that it’s lost all it’s passion, it’s lost it’s newness, lost the punch it once had. Simply, they’ve become cold to the song.

Likewise, there are people in the “Church world” you can run into, people who have been to church all their lives, who know every bible story there is, who can quote 20 verses off the top of their heads, who have the “Church lingo” down pact, and yet those are sometime the same people who’ve lost all the Joy to their salvation, and everything about it has become routine and mundane. 

When one comes to realize that “WORSHIP” was created by GOD, and “FOR” GOD, it is then they are “IN-TUNE” with the “SONG”. When one comes to realize that CHRIST gave His life for the “SONG”, it’s then they fall deeply, and passionately in LOVE with the “song”, over and over again.

  • WORSHIP is not singing a few songs on sunday. 
  • WORSHIP is not for an hour each week on sunday, or wednesday.
  • WORSHIP is not based upon on dependent on posture, volume, or energy.
  • WORSHIP IS our response to GOD because of what HE has done for US.
  • WORSHIP IS a 24-7 Lifestyle

WORSHIP IS a way of life, and worship is only lived out the way it was desgined to be lived out when it’s TOWARD and completely for GOD, JESUS, CHRIST!

Hey Everyone!

I hope this finds you enjoying life to the fullest! I’ve been busy working on some new creative outlets with the church, and also working on our sunday morning experience. God is really inspiring hearts, and sparking renovation within the core of connection church. I am overwhelmed with a passion to see the God’s kingdom grow and expand, and hopefully some of that will be as a result of myself and other core leaders serving with a spirit of excellence in all that we do at Connection Church. 

Much has happened since we’ve talked last. On May 4th, a good friend of Connection Church, Clark Rogers, who actually led worship prior to me at Connection, a great friend, mentor, and leader to many, passed away after fighting a heavy battle with cancer. He fought a good fight, and he lived a truly inspiring life. Regretfully, I actually never got the chance to meet him, but I do however feel a great connection with him, mainly because his life and memories are cherished by so many, and I’ve had the chance to hear about many great stories of his life. His wife Lisa Rogers, who stood by his side and fought the battle with him, carries on, and my prayers and thoughts go out to her and the Clark’s family. 

We threw a benefit concert in his honor to raise some money for Lisa and the Family to use as needed, and it was held a few days before his passing, May 1st, and it was such an awesome experience. Over 700 attended, and the concert raised $25, 000. GO GOD!! It was a concert called “Jesus is Bigger than Cancer”. It was held at the cove church and multiple bands led worship at this event including, Mecklenburg Community, Lake Forest, Connection Church, and The cove Church. I still believe GOD is bigger than Cancer, and I think Clark, if he were here today, would agree. I have a few pics up on my facebook profile, and you can view even more pics at the new myspace page.

Check out the Facebook page  that was created for Clark for more information.

Picture 1










In Other News

We’re expanding our network at Connection and we’re beginning to re-think a few angles of our web marketing.  I have just finished a myspace profile for our Connection Church band. The site’s purpose is to give viewers a chance to get to know the band a little better, so we’ve developed a page within the site, where viewers can see all of the team members, it lists their names, and what they do at Connection, and soon we’ll have some fun facts about each band member.

This site will also give viewers a chance to listen to some tracks we’ve recorded over time, some live. Currently we have uploaded one up from the benefit concert called “Beautiful Jesus”. In addition to audio you’ll soon find some videos. There’s also a cool contact form if you ever have questions or feedback that you would like to share with the band. Lastly we’ve uploaded some awesome pictures for your viewing. Granted, today, myspace is as not nearly as big in the online community as it use to be three years ago, and so while we’re aware that not many people use myspace, especially now that facebook has taken off, we still thought it would  be a cool place for you guys to check out sometime. You do not have to be a member of myspace to view our site. 

Please, when you have some time, Check out the Connection Church Band Myspace page by clicking on the picture below.

Picture 3










Okay Okay! So enough about church, believe it or not church is not all that consumes my life! Although you might get that impression. =) 

Overall Life has been pretty good. I mean, yeah things happen, little disappointments here and there, but that stuff happens! It’s called life. Right?! I try to be satisfied with this life that God has given me. Sometimes I intentionally stop myself and reflect on all that I have, all that I’m blessed with. I have a job, which so many are without, and my hearts and prayers are with each one of you! Stay strong.

I have a wonderful family, whom I love and adore greatly. My life is always better after spending time with them. I hope to take some fresh pictures for each of them all very soon and post them here!

Picture 4

I’m also so very lucky and proud to say that GOD has blessed my life with the greatest girlfriend a guy could ask for!! She is so beautiful,  so talented, extremely funny, and she brightens up my day and life everytime I see her face or hear her voice. Brittany has been leading worship with me every week over the past year at Connection, and it’s inspiring to see her growing in her talent and ability to lead others in worship. Her voice is the voice of an angel. I’m not joking. You have to hear it for yourself. When she sings, I know for a fact that it not only moves my heart, but it captivates every ear who listens. So many at Connection have been blessed to be led in worship by Brittany. Including myself! She has actually had some great things happen in her own life recently. She is, as of today, now a JUNIOR stylist, at Modern Salon and Spa at the Hurst Tower Location. So, all you in need of an awesome “DO”, make sure to ask for her, she is really great at hair-styling too. What can’t she do, you might ask?! 


I have a roof over my head. At least for now. =) I’m actually getting ready to move in June. I found a unreal deal on an apartment in the North lake area. They even gave me an awesome $200 gift card to target. I was pretty stoked about that. And on top of all that I am part of an Awesome church. The people are amazing, Jerel, the lead pastor, has really became a great friend, and mentor to me, and it’s just refreshing to feel like I’m part of something that’s making a difference in other’s lives.

So when I remember all that Christ has blessed me with it really makes be grateful. I don’t deserve it. But that’s what so revolutionary about the love of christ, it’s free and it’s for everyone. And I don’t mean to come off as if “Everything in my life is perfect”, because I can assure, IT ISN’T! But I’m choosing to stay positive. I’m choosing to keep my eyes focused on all that I DO have and not get down about all that I DONT or all that is going wrong. When you’re able to LEAD your heart and mind in that way, I have found that life becomes sweet to the taste, and easier to live through.

What are you thankful for in your life? Let me know, I would love to hear, feel free to leave a comment!

Well, that’s it for now boys and girls. May you find your purpose in this life and live every day for every moment, for every second, and make it all count.


BTW, the NEW Hillsong United album, “Tear down these walls” came out today, take a listen, it’s pretty sick.
Great music to listen to!

Picture 5

By clicking on this Link:  a_CROSS // the_EARTH: Tear Dow… 

You can listen to the entire album for free. You’ll need to create a username and password. It’s simple. 

You can also download the entire ablum immediately from amazon



GOD Bless
Joshua Scott Conklin

Will you be there?

March 7, 2009

So I stumbled upon a great website tonight and thought it would be a crime not to share it with my blog community! When you get a chance, no scratch that, take a second right NOW and go check out this website. It will no take 5 mins of your day but could mean eternity for another person.

This is a website that’s organizing an evening of prayer on Trade and Tryon TONIGHT!!!! March 7th, 7-8pm.

Check it out:

“My HUGE Question”

March 1, 2009

Everyone has “Questions“. What’s yours? Are your questions big and related to our existence; creation; purpose of life; or are your questions more about everyday life instances? Questions such as “why do bad things happen to good people?; Why does God allow things such as cancer and illnesses to affect people lives“? All these questions are valid. All of them are REAL! Right?! No matter who you are, we all have them. Christian or Non christian. We all wonder; seek; ask; and search. Well Connection Church wants to know your questions! “I” want to know your questions! Would you be willing to share them with me? With others?

If you have a question or question’s that you would like ask, we would like to hear them!! Here’s how you can get involved:

First, Go to the website we put up exclusively for our next series called “My HUGE Question“. This site if for anyone and everyone to post their very own “Questions” about to God, faith, and life. We’ll be talking about some of these questions on Sunday mornings during the series. Join others by posting your “Questions” as a comment on the site below!

Website: (click on picture to go to site)





Secondly, I invite you to join us at Connection Church for our next series called “My HUGE Question“. This series begins March 8th, 2009 and ends Easter Sunday, April 12th, 2009! During this series, we’ll be asking tackling some BIG questions, and discussing them each week in the service! We may not find all the answers to your questions ourselves, but we’ll dive into God’ word to see what HE has to say about them! For more information check out Jerel’s blog!

Check out the Series Bumper & Graphic:


The time has come…finally

February 25, 2009

Wow…So it has been a very long time since I’ve blogged last. I hope you didn’t give up on it all?!?

Life has been very busy, very crazy, very good, very… well…, very much like life!
There’s so much to catch you up on! But I don’t want to overwhelm you, so we’ll dive in slow.

Last time we spoke, it was around thanksgiving. I hope your holiday’s were great and full of love and hopefully it was time spent with your family’s and close friends. Mine was spent that way! But man do the holiday’s drain me! Right around thanksgiving relative to my last blog, was about the time I felt the “ship sinking”. So I felt it was it my best interest to withdraw from the online world for a while, from facebook, from the blog, even from my email, so that I could really take in the season and all that it was demanding of my life, and also so I could experience it to the fullest. And that I did!

Along with the holiday’s, a lot of other stuff happened as well!  Needless to say, they’ll be plenty for me to blog about. Hang with me.

I guess I’ll begin where I left off.

Right before thanksgiving this past year, me, Brittany, and some great friends of ours; Stephen and Cara took a trip down to orlando to spend a few days at WALT DISNEY WORLD! It was awesome! We did so much while down there. We took so many pictures. We had SOOOO much fun. It was a blast. I will keep the memories from that trip with me for a very long time.

While down there, we visited the following theme Parks:

  1. Hollywood Studios (formerly known as MGM)
  2. Epcot
  3. The Animal Kingdom
  4. The Magic Kingdom

There’s so much to experience at each of these parks, so much that we couldn’t get to all of it in one trip, but here’s some of the attractions we did experience!

  • The twilight zone “Tower of Terror” [H.S.]
  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith [H.S.]
  • Studio Backlot Tour [H.S.]
  • The Great Movie Ride [H.S.]
  • Star Tours [H.S.]
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid (especially for Britt) [H.S.]
  • SpaceShip Earth [Epcot]
  • It’s Tough to be a Bug! [A.K]
  • Pangani Forest Exploration Trail [A.K]
  • Expedition Everest [A.K]
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris [A.K]
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad [M.K.]
  • Mickey’s PhilharMagic [M.K.]
  • Pirates of the Caribbean [M.K.]
  • Space Mountain [M.K.]
  • “it’s a small world,” [M.K.]
  • Splash Mountain [M.K.]
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin [M.K.]
  • The Haunted Mansion [M.K.]
  • Tomorrowland Transit Authority [M.K.]
  • Cinderella Castle [M.K.]

Well I thought I’d share that information with you, because in the pics I plan to share with you, there’s not many pictures of the rides themselves, so I figured it’d be best to just list those, and then you can just enjoy the video.

So, without further …a-due ( or however you spell that word?!?)
HERE’s the VIDEO from the DISNEY TRIP!!!!!! Enjoy!

Caption Please….

November 12, 2008

Here’s the series Bumper!

Worship Set:

This past Sunday was GREAT! The band opened up the service with the song “Is it any wonder?” by keane. The band nailed it!! But before we played the song I read a verse to the crowd, it was John 10:10- “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” and then I went on to speak about how the “Enemy” (satan), comes to destroy our lives!! And how sometimes if we’re not careful, if we’re not in tune with Christ, and if our lives are not centered around His truth, then sometimes it’s very easy, almost too easy as believers and non believers alike to mistake the enemy’s voice for the voice of God.

The enemy is so sneaky and deceitful! He’ll make you believe some messed up stuff, make you doubt yourself, he’ll use others in your lives, sometimes people very close to you to hurt you, he’ll destroy trust, and he’ll do about ANYTHING to take your attention off the truth and the goodness of God.

And sometimes, we can’t blame anyone but ourselves for matters we find ourselves in, because our culture has a tendency to rely on everything BUT God. We’re a culture that try’s to FIX everything ourselves, we try to avoid and control situations, thinking if we just do “this” or “that”, that we’ll be safe from harm and safe from hard times, when in all actuality, we really don’t have control of much of anything.

If your like me, something happens, somethings comes up, and it’s like a slap in the face, and I remember where I need to put my faith, and my hope, and that is in Christ! I remember that Christ is my provider, my biggest fan, my biggest support, and I’m remember in HIM, the everlasting GOD, is where I put my trust. And I realize, that putting our faith in the small, “here today, gone tomorrow” things of this world is not very smart at all, and I think to myself “IS IT ANY WONDER” that I’m stressed out!, that I’m tired, that I’m uptight, that I feel betrayed, that I feel afraid? Can you relate?

You see those feelings are all characteristics, by products, and results of putting our trust & faith in anything other than the Christ. 

When I listen to that song, I listen in terms of being falsely led by the enemy, being fooled by him, and then Christ intervening my life, giving me a wake up call, reminding me where I need to focus my heart and attention. It’s an interesting thought, and the song was perfect for your first wk of the new “STRESSED OUT” series at Connection church.

Please keep praying and spreading the word. GOD IS DOING AMAZING THINGS, and he will continue to I’m sure.

I love Sunday

November 3, 2008

Sunday” is one of my favorite days of the week, and for a number of many different reasons!

Here’s a few:

  1. I’m fortunate and blessed to get to use my gifts and talents for God, leading people in worship every single sunday morning. 
  2. I get spend the day with Brittany, who never fails to amaze me. We have a blast just doing whatever; Today after church we went antique shopping! 
  3. Occasionally I get to spend it with my family. Today I got to hang out with my grandfather, it was great to see him! 

There’s many more reasons, but those are a few on the top of the list. I’m already looking forward next Sunday! 

On another note, “Connection Church” today was pretty awesome. Today marked the last week of the “Drive” series, and it went out with a bang, opening up the service with the song “Free Ride“. It was alot of fun!!

Worship Set:

  • Free Ride“-edgar winter
  • Let God Arise-Chris Tomlin
  • God of the City-Chris Tomlin
  • To know your Name– Hillsong

Next week we kick off our new three week series “Stressed OUT“. Should be great!

I’ll leave you with a Video Clip from the worship time this morning. Enjoy! It’s raw… critics be kind!


P.S. Extreme home makeover was pretty awesome tonight!

YOU’VE GOT 2 C this!!!

October 28, 2008

So I was searching for some video content on the web for our new upcoming series, that’s not officially titled yet, but at the  very heart is about stress and being stressed out. While searching I came across this video. You have to See this. 

After watching, comment, I’m curious to know if you’ve ever seen anyone act like THIS before!

Make sure you stick around for the entire vid, BELIEVE me it’s worth it!


Caleb rocking it!

It’s the third week of the DRIVE series, titled “Rubbin’s Racin“-Endurance!









Worship Set:

  • Crashed“-Chris Daughtry Song
  • You’ll Come-Hillsong
  • Never Let Go- David Crowder
  • He knows my name-Tommy Walker
Also this week the entire message will taught via Video! We filmed it locally about two weeks ago, and it turned out great. It is dubbed with an awesome song from lifehouse called “Broken”. 
Within the video, there are some powerful truths, and Jerel Law (the Pastor of CC) actually gets personal and share’s about how God has worked in his and his family’s lives over the past few months as his wife Susan has dealt with Cancer. Susan and the family has stayed strong through the entire process and God is moving in a mighty way. Susan seems to be doing well and has made it through all the treatments, and we’re praying that she has beat this thing that seems to affect so many. 
If you’ve never been out to Connection, you should stop by. For more information on the church and where it’s located and where we meet, check out my facebook page! Later.

Welcome to my blog!! This blog is something very new and exciting for me. I’m glad your here to be a part of it. Blogging seems to be pretty mainstream these days, seems like everyone you know is blogging and sharing their live over the web. So I thought I’d jump on that band wagon and give it a try myself. 

Who knows, maybe this blog will at times be an encouragement to you, or something that stirs thought, like so many great blogs have done for me.  And that will certainly be great and celebrated if that happens, but I must say aloud, that is not the purpose of my blog. For me, this blogs serves, just as the subtitle states, as a “front door into my life”.

When you venture through this door into my life, you must be prepared to get real, get personal, and overall just get “informed” of things happening in and around my life.  

If your like me, there are many things that happen, even on a daily basis, that makes you stop in your tracks and just makes you want to “tell someone” about it! I love that feeling. And that is the very heart of what this blog for me is all about. I just want to “tell” YOU about what’s going on in MY life!

Thanks everyone, and please stayed tuned. This is only the beginning